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Education & Awareness

Food waste, malnutrition, and food insecurity are only a few of the issues that plague our country. These issues have become so normal in our daily lives that it is no longer topical. And it is also issues like these that add to other systemic issues like poverty.

By solving issues with the food we eat, we can help in the reversal of other issues. These issues won't solve themselves; it starts with us. We must empower ourselves to become independent thinkers and strive for change within ourselves. At VittleWise, we want to equip you with the necessary resources to do so.               

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We have become a society that is full of customizations. We can choose to build a world where we ignore what we do not wish to see. In order for us to create a place that is rich in culture and knowledge, we must experience what is beyond our own self interests. We hope to show moments of beauty that exists everyday in the world around us so that we may see how diversity makes us whole.